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Massage Testimonials

“Every massage experience I share with Amber is soothing and enjoyable. I love learning about energy work and have witnessed great benefits. She brought to my attention an imbalance with my Sacral Chakra, eventually leading to a personal epiphany. Actually stemming from my hips rather than my back and neck, I was able to create a solution to a decade worth of posture problems. She is very intuitive and able to pinpoint my body and energy’s exact needs. The heated massage table is also a great comfort on a rainy day! Amber’s genuine care and kind heart reflects into her work, making her an inspirational person and excellent masseuse.” – Chelsea A.


“I am a family physician/obstetrician who, unfortunately, has been averaging a 70-hour work week with a family to support. I have used many therapists over the past 22 years, and I will readily claim that Amber is one of the most skilled and intuitive massage therapists I have ever come across. Ironically, Amber has been my healer for the past year. I live in Portland and would most definitely drive down to Eugene to see her on a more regular basis if my schedule allowed. As a massage therapist/healer, she is worth the investment. I wish health insurance would more readily cover massage because I would refer clients to her on a regular basis.” – L.W.


“Ahh…I’ve been walking a foot above ground all day since you laid your blessed hands on me! Thank u!!


“My experience was wonderful she is amazing she is truly intuitive and knows exactly what your body needs. The atmosphere is extremely cozy it makes you feel completely relaxed I will definitely visit again.” – C.W.


“Amber is skillful and has a broad knowledge base that allows her to address multiple issues in a gentle effective way. I love seeing her and try to make it a habit!” – M.C.


“I consider myself really lucky to be in a position to get a massage once every six weeks or so. I know not everyone is in this position! I I feel especially fortunate to have found a massage therapist as gifted and caring as Amber. I have been seeing her for three years now, and every session is different, depending on my needs and her ability to read my sometimes utterly jacked-up body. I always leave her studio feeling re-centered and thoroughly at peace. For those who don’t have the resources to visit a massage therapist with any frequency, or who are looking for someone to see for the first time, you will find the warmest welcome and treatment with Amber. For those who are looking to establish an ongoing relationship with someone, you won’t find many people as committed to their healing work as she is.” – D.A.


“Usually when we think of change, we imagined a transformation “into”, a change of state from our present into something other than the self we know. We become something else. With Amber’s help, I am feeling this newness, but it is not turning me into something different. I am discovering the “me” that has been hidden, scarred, buried, and barely recognizable. This is not the process of becoming something else, but the best “me” that is possible. Amber has helped me find healing, wholeness, and integration. I have gotten a lot of massages, but none that focused beyond the physical therapeutic benefits. While there is no minimizing the advantages of massages, a combination of reiki, massage, and yoga has changed my life! Through Amber’s guidance I am beginning to understand the different energy centers of our bodies, removing any blockage, and allowing the flow of natural life forces. I feel better, body and soul, than I have ever felt. People around me are beginning to comment that they see the changes in me and this translates into benefits to all connected. I am calm, happier, more grounded, and growing daily. Both massage and yoga are an extension of this integrated healing process. Amber is present and attentive. During the massages, I melt into the table as she does her restorative and healing work. After each session I leave deeply relaxed and stay in the space for days after. One of most impactful things I have learned from Amber is to not wait until I am on the massage table to give myself permission to rest and relax. I got home from work several days ago and had an experience that typically would have sent my anxiety out of the roof, and potentially lead to an Urgent Care visit. This time was different. I was able to quickly ground myself and allow the energies I was feeling to run course. From this place of strength, I was able to provide help to those impacted. As the result of working on and opening up my energy centers, my creativity is once again flowing, I am gaining an understanding of myself and a corresponding acceptance I have never had before. I am more gracious with myself and in turn able to extend this same grace and compassion. Amber has pointed me in the right direction and is a very wonderful facilitator for anybody serious about making lasting holistic changes. I am only just beginning but excited to see my continued growth through this process. Thanks Amber for the amazing work! I hope that many more can experience the gift you share!” – J.K.

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