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Divine Lotus Practitioners

Amber Lippel

Founder of Divine Lotus

Amber Lippel is a massage therapist/ energy healer, sustainable clothing designer and artist located in Eugene, Oregon.

As a healing practitioner, Amber treats all the levels of being, bringing mind, body, spirit into harmony.

Amber focuses on the individual, being present and creating a supportive container. She calls her practice “intuitive therapy” and employs a multitude of tools to support holistic wellness.

As an artist, she creates with fiber, mixed media, paint, paper and ceramics. Currently she is focused on custom clothing creations, sacred geometry screen printing and abstract paint pouring. Her process usually starts with color(s). She attempts to use as much recycled material as possible. She is open to receiving select donations.

Amber is also a yoga/movement therapy teacher and Master Gardener. All of her work connects back to creating, supporting and cultivating holistic wellness. Her long term goals are to create an art collective in town and retreat center out of town.

The “Life-as-Art” and holistic wellness has re-empowered Amber to trust the creative process and to believe in her dreams. After spending 9 years in the military, Amber resigned her position to follow a more authentic and integral path.

Originally from Montana, Amber moved to Oregon to attend the University of Oregon in 2005. Her degree is in Sociology, business and military science. She now calls Oregon home and enjoys exploring all of the amazing outdoor wonders. In her free time, Amber likes to cook, ferment, read in her hammock and dance with friends.

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